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Economic Transformation Services

Evident in the amended B-BBEE code, the strengthened government commitment to radical economic transformation requires companies to revise their current transformation strategies to ensure future compliance. SNG has established a dedicated service line to support economic transformation in Africa which connects all parts of the SME ecosystem (Macro and Micro).

  1. Economic Transformation Advisory Unit
    • B-BBEE advisory (diagnostic, solutions implementation, monitoring and induction)
    • SME Development frameworks and implementation
    • Local Economic Development review

  2. Impact Investment
    • Design funding structure’s
    • Pooling funding partners
    • Managing and administrating fund’s
    • Reporting on financial, B-BBEE and social return to sponsor’s Business Clinic
    • Sourcing entrepreneurs
    • Assessing entrepreneurs
    • Supporting entrepreneurs (from inputs, to operational financial effectiveness and access to market)

  3. Back Office Support
    • Financial accounting
    • Taxation
    • Secretarial Support
    • Payroll Services

  4. Africa
    • Economic Transformation solutions as described above

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Yugen Pillay

Associate Director: Head of Economic Transformation Services(ETS)
C: +27 83 376 1978
T: +27 86 117 6782
E: ets@sng.za.com