Human Resource Solutions

Services Offered:

  1. Human Resource management & Development (HRM&D)
    • Design HRM&D strategy & support implementation
    • Designing philosophies which support attraction,

  2. Development and retention of staff (including Performance Management)
    • Develop policies, processes and practices for above

  3. Design, develop & Implement optimal organisational design (OD)
    • Designing organisational structures required
    • Develop detailed structures and related job roles(including the Key Perfomance Area’s (KPI’S) which are filtered down from the Balance Score Card (BSC))
    • Developing Job descriptions
    • Agreeing on an effective way of working

  4. Skills Audits & Gap Analysis
    • Identifying required organisational and role competencies
    • Performing Skills Audits
    • Performing Gap analysis

  5. Skills & Capacity Building
    • Developing curriculums and specific interventions toaddress gaps (training/on the job)
    • Source accredited providers for technical skills
    • Capacity build through defining succession Planningprocesses and Practices
    • Leadership & Professional Development

  6. Change Management & Culture Change
    • Culture change (define as is, desired and plans to getto desired)
    • Change management to support any changes in OD,Philosophies, business processes and Others.

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