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Due Diligence Reviews

This involves a comprehensive investigation into the underlying operations of an entity with the objective of conducting a review and analysis of the risks inherent to the overall organisation, the management of the entity, the market in which the entity operates, as well as any legal, technical and other related risks.

In addition to advising on ways to mitigate these risks, we are also able to assist clients in establishing a competitive offer price for the target organisation.

Our Approach

Our approach rests on determining the sustainability of the business model of the organisation going forward. We approach the exercise far beyond the level of verifying information received from the company data and or discussions with the organisation’s management. Rather, we align assumptions to the business model based on the business strategy.

This ensures that the level of verification required upfront to assist in determining the depth of the due diligence exercise required, whether it be a fairly high-level due diligence or a more comprehensive and detailed due diligence.

An Efficient Process

Our team also understands the importance of establishing efficient communication and interim reporting channels upfront in order to expedite the exchange of information.

Through this, we ensure a speedy and accurate operational sustainability assessment which assists in outlining business areas that may require more investment or capital expenditure going forward.