Integrated Reporting Services

For many organisations there is now recognition that integrated reporting is not a single event but a process that will evolve to impact on a number of organisational aspects including culture, systems and processes and stakeholder interaction.

It is essential that reporting entities stay abreast of the evolving Integrated Reporting Framework (especially Quality and Content guidance). We can assist on this journey with the following:

Aspect of Process Service Offering
Prior to implementation of integrated reporting processReadiness assessment
Development of stakeholder engagement processFacilitation workshop for stakeholder engagement process
Integrating reporting process intobusinessProcess and risk mapping facilitation
Assist with assurance approach to integrated reportingAssistance with designing and development of combined assurance Approach
Forward looking informationAssurance on process and assumptions leading to forward looking statements
Non-Statutory and varied scope assurance on integrated reportISAE 3000 based assurance
Assurance on integrated reporting processInternal Audit based control reviews