Sustainability Reporting

We understand that sustainability – the ability for something to last for a long time, or indefinitely is a fundamental guiding principle within modern organisations.

In today’s times, businesses have to think about the holistic impact their organisation will have on future generations.The King Code of Governance Principles (King III) recommends an integrated report that reflects the reality that business strategy, risk, performance and sustainability have become inseparable. As such, sustainability reporting can help organisations measure, understand and communicate their economic, environmental, social and governance performance.

Our Offering

Our team of advisors can assist you in putting together a holistic and integrated representation of your company’s performance in terms of how the organisation impacts on the environment and community in which it operates, together with how the environment and community impact the organisation's business.

Sustainability or Integrated Reporting Services:

  • Guidance on risk management relating to sustainability issues
  • Sustainability report workshops
  • Assess existing information systems and provide recommendations to collate and record data for performance indicators
  • Independent third party assurance on sustainability reports