IT Governance

IT governance assists management with the structures and processes of IT strategy in line with the drive to ensure that the goals and objectives of the greater organisation are met.

Our IT governance solution is based on the principles in King III, with the objective of ensuring that there are adequate and effective IT Governance controls to provide reasonable assurance that the IT department is operating efficiently and effectively, taking into account accepted best practices. Our assessment focuses on the five key areas of IT Governance namely: strategic alignment, value delivery, risk management (including IT risk assessment),resource management and performance management.

We partner with the clients to deliver the following:

  • Adoption and implementation of Corporate Governance;
  • Adoption and implementation of the Corporate Governance Information and Communication Technology Policy Framework (CGICTPF);
  • Interventions that ensure IT investments are aligned to business objectives;
  • An accountability framework in ensuring delivery of IT objectives;
  • Strengthening of IT Risk management to ensure IT risk related issues are addressed in a cost effective manner and
  • Formulation of standard operating procedures to manage expenditure related to ITproject implementations and payments to service providers.