Identify and mitigate risks of corruption BEFORE they happen.

As government structures and controls become more complex, coping with the prevention, detection and investigation of corruption has never been more challenging or more important. Increasingly, public sector is looking to forensic specialists to help identify vulnerabilities and to put solid preventative measures in place.

Our forensic investigation, forensic auditing and forensic accounting experts provide forensic support to help prevent, detect and investigate various forms of financial improprieties, bringing clarity and confidence to the complex forensic issues across all sectors of our economy.

Our Solution:

The SizweNtsalubaGobodo Forensics Institute:

Develops skills and capacity to prevent, detect and combat fraud and corruption, by providing training to forensic professionals and other employees and managers in all sectors.

The Pro-active Forensic Services:

Are designed to prevent commercial offences such as fraud, corruption and maladministration.

  • Fraud and corruption risk assessments
  • Pro-active fraud audits and fraud detection reviews
  • Anti-corruption strategy development, fraud prevention programmes and response plans
  • The development of forensic investigation and forensic auditing units, methodologies, operational plans, forensics skills development and capacity enhancement programmes
  • Data Analytics via our IT forensics capacity

The Re-active Forensic Services:

focus on forensic investigation, forensic auditing and forensic accounting into fraud, corruption, various other commercial offences and statutory violations.

  • Forensic Investigation and Forensic Auditing
  • Forensic Accounting
  • Computer Forensics and Cybercrime Investigations