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Corporate tax services

Tax Accounting

  • Tax Risk Policy formulation
  • Tax Manual ( including deferred tax implications)
  • Tax computation and disclosure for Annual Financial Statements
  • Tax auditing ( Internal audit function & external audit)
  • Depreciation allowances
  • Tax asset register : construction, maintenance, automation, review of allowance rates, review of asset classification


  • Review of proposed group structures
  • Calculating/Reviewing tax expense for submission of tax returns
  • Provisional tax returns
  • Third Party returns ( automatic sharing of information and other related reporting)
  • Cross Country reporting
  • FATCA reporting
  • Country by Country reporting

Mergers & Acquisitions

Tax Due Diligence

Comprehensive analysis in order to identify potential tax risks not reported by either the target or the acquiring entity that could have a negative impact on the valuations used in determining the purchase price.

Our services in this area where we are advising the acquirer will be focused on the historical compliance of the target company in relation to the following tax types:

  • Corporate tax
  • Value-Added-Tax Services
  • Employees Tax
  • Withholding tax obligations
  • Municipal bills
  • Foreign Tax
  • Dividends Tax
  • Integrity of the deferred tax asset of the target/acquiree
  • Calculating potential tax exposure from tax returns submitted to SARS and not yet prescribed in terms of the Tax Administration Act
  • Review of certain key contractual agreements entered into prior to the merger transaction to ensure tax treatment adopted was accurate and does not expose the acquirer to any tax risks not taken into account in determination of the purchase price.
  • Tax advisory on merger and acquisitions within the same group of companies- review application of corporate rules

Business Valuations

  • Calculating the net expected tax charge for the valuation model
  • Calculating the net expected tax due and payable to the relevant Revenue Authority
  • Advising our clients on the net present value after tax

Share incentive schemes

  • Assist with drafting of the terms of the trust deed to ensure tax efficiency
  • Review of trust deed and other related documents and advising on tax implications
  • Determination of vesting period
  • Computation of the amount taxable in terms of section 8C,8B and section 8A
  • Assisting with application for revenue authority rulings

International transactions and transfer pricing

  • Tax Advice on cross border transactions
  • Review of transfer pricing documentation
  • Debt versus equity tax implications
  • Withholding taxes
  • Benchmarking of costs/.revenue on certain transactions

International Tax Services& Transfer Pricing

  • Review of transfer pricing policy documents
  • Benchmarking
  • Inward and outward investments
  • Investing/ Expanding business into Africa & Middle East
  • Tax efficient investment structures
  • Tax efficient multinational group structures
  • Withholding tax
  • International tax credits
  • Headquarter company
  • Cash Repatriation ( assistance with exchange controls and other monetary regulations )


  • Second staff at required level to assist with short term staff needs

Dividends tax

  • Determining whether dividends tax is applicable or not
  • Assisting with the required documentation for exemption
  • Computation of dividends tax
  • STC credits

Black Economic Empowerment tax advisory services

  • Tax Impacts of restructuring of black empowerment deals
  • Assistance with incentives available to Black Empowerment compliance organisations
  • Pre-incorporation advisory
  • Economic Zoning related incentives
  • Taxation impacts of government grants

Tax & other incentives

  • Special Economic Zones
  • Research and development
  • Manufacturing incentives

Tax Dispute resolution and litigation support

  • Assist with the completion and submission of objections to our Revenue Authorities
  • Provision of senior council opinion in support of Tax payer position
  • Review of any communication from Revenue Authorities
  • Tax court/special court support