Tax Updates

The Finance Minister Malusi Gigaba has delivered his first Medium Term Budget Speech amidst falling revenue collections and widening deficit. The National Treasury in what the Minister referred to in his opening address at the tax Indaba as a drive for a fair and equitable collection system proposed a number of anti-avoidance measures in a drive to increase revenue collection from the existing tax base.

What does all this mean for your business and your employees?

Join us as we unpack the Medium Term Budget Speech, the changes in tax legislation that have been proposed for 2017/2018 year of assessment.

The purpose of the session is to;

  • Highlight the changes before and after the amendment.
  • Provide a better understanding of the implication of the proposed amendments.
  • Provide practical implication of the amendments to your organization.
  • Provide an explanatory break down of the midterm budget.
  • The session will cover the following;
    • Employee Share-Based Schemes;
    • Conversion of debt into equity;
    • Debt forgone for dormant group companies;
    • Share buy-Backs;
    • Corporate reorganisation rules;
    • Hybrid debt instruments;
    • Dividends Tax;
    • Mining Environmental rehabilitation funds;
    • VAT treatment of Leasehold improvements;
    • VAT vendor status of Municipalities; and
    • VAT treatment of Non-Executive Directors.

This session is not to be missed.

Date: 16 November 2017, 07:30-9:30
Venue: Auditorium, SNG Woodmead Office
Address: 20 Morris Street East, Woodmead

Tax Treatment: Fees Paid to Non-Executive Directors

Tax Treatment: Fees Paid to Non-Executive Directors

Kind IV recommends that the board of directors should comprise a majority of non-executive directors ("NEDs”), most of whom should be independent. NEDs are entitled to fees for services rendered in their capacity as NEDs. This article deals with the recent developments on the taxation of fees or remuneration paid or payable to NED’s.

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Budget News

Budget News

Relief in affordable housing market : Transfer duty is tax payable on the value of any property acquired by anyperson in RSA.Properties with values from R0 to R 750,000 have enjoyed a transfer duty on 0%. the cap on the duty free properties has been increased to R900,000 for the new tax year.

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Acquisition of Equity Shares

Acquisition of Equity Shares

The acquisition of shares generally triggers the Security Transfer Tax (STT) payable by a company whose shares are beingsold but recoverable from the Purchaser. It infrequently happens that the purchase of shares is liable to tax other than STT.This article deals with the situation where the purchaser of shares in a company will be personally liable to withhold theamount of tax in respect of the acquisition thereof

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