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Our African Footprint

Africa is expected to continue growing strongly in the future, with regional difference in prospects reflecting in part economies, political climate and other factors.

To this end, we have recognised the need to support our existing and prospective clients with their expansion into Africa.

SNG Africa member firms are carefully selected and are expected to maintain high standards of technical excellence, with a focus on providing outstanding services to clients. In the medium-term, our goal is to establish a presence in 27 countries across the continent. Currently, we can support clients in many countries in the region. See map

Africa Map

SNG Africa is licensed to fully operate in the CEMAC region.

This means we are able to operate in Gabon, Chad, Central African Republic, Congo Brazzaville and Equatorial Guinea. CEMAC is an economic community formed by the African Union to promote regional economic co-operation in central Africa. It aims to achieve collective autonomy, raise the standard of living of its populations and maintain economic stability through harmonious cooperation.