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Financial Review Engagement

Financial statements provide the required information in a usable format to assist businesses make the best decisions.

A review engagement, is another form of assurance that can meet the needs of some businesses particularly SMEs without putting undue strain on time and other resources.

A review is a limited assurance engagement; it provides less assurance than an audit. It may help businesses that require some level of independent assurance to increase the credibility of their financial statements, for example, when seeking a loan from a bank. In these cases, a review can be an ideal solution.

Why Financial Review Engagement?

The labour and time restraints involved in performing a review engagement are generally less than that required when conducting an audit. As such a review is a more cost-effective option while still involving the financial reporting expertise of experienced auditors. With a proven track record on both large scale and medium sized audits, we have the know-how and the expertise to tailor our engagements to meet the individual needs of all our clients.