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IFRS Compliance / Accounting Technical

The globalisation of business and finance has created the need for a common set of accounting standards to be used by all countries as a way to increase the efficiency of cross-border transaction handling and accountability.

International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) form the basis of financial reporting.The adoption of IFRS requires businesses to take a proactive role to achieve compliance. We have a well-established specialised technical division, with in-depth knowledge and experience and expertise of IFRS requirements both locally and internationally and across industries. The technical divisions provides technical support on IFRS, Corporate Governance, Integrated Reporting, Companies Act and GRAP financial reporting to the audit team.

Expert Technical Capability

The primary objective of the Accounting and Audit Technical department is to provide sound technical advisory services to the audit teams by adhering to the prescribed frameworks which include, auditing and legislative contexts applicable to various clients.

The technical team is led by Cynthia Mbili, a registered IFRS advisor with the JSE and further complemented by Professor R Garnett who has been of IASB and is currently an accounting lecturer at the University of Witwatersrand.