Verification Process

Summary of the verification process

The procedures followed to assist in providing and updating the above noted information are:

  1. Company’s requesting a BEE Verification shall complete the "Company information sheet (1st LETTER)’ which shall be sent back to SNG’s BEE verification division via e-mail.

    Company information sheet (1st LETTER)

    • Refer to A17.1(v1) for 1st letter info sheet (QSE and Large).
    • Refer to A17.1_1(v1) for Appendix to 1st letter info sheet (QSE and Large).
  2. The Verification Analysts / Verification Manager shall first review the returned Company Information Sheet and make a first assessment on the type of scorecard to be applied. (QSE / LARGE).
  3. The Verification Analysts shall give the Company information sheet to the Verification Manager to assess and make a quote on the Company information sheet. The Verification Manager will sign off the quote and give this back to the Verification Analyst for Quote preparation.

    The assessment and review by the Verification Manager or Verification Analyst will take into account the following:

    • Ownership of the entity
    • Structure of the entity
    • Size of the entity
    • Location(s) of the entity
    • Revenue of the entity
    • Net profit / Net loss of the entity

    This information will be requested from the potential client as part of the "Company information sheet”

  4. The Quote will contain a brief synopsis of the ‘Way forward’ and what the verification process entails.
  5. Any known differences between the potential client and SNG’s BEE verification division regarding the verification service will be dealt with by the Review Manager and communicated with the client. This will be noted on the ‘Company information sheet’ as applicable in each situation.
  6. Only those entities that SNG’s BEE verification division are able to rate (after the planning has been done) as per the Verification Planner - will be sent a quote for consideration. Entities that SNG’s BEE verification division are not able to rate for whatever reason will be documented on the ‘Company information sheet’ and a letter sent to the Entity informing them of the reason for not being able to proceed (Reason for not proceeding).
  7. As part of the ‘Quote’ sent to the prospective client – the client will be made aware of the information requirements for the intended verification as well as the breakdown of fees.