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What makes us different

As a firm, SNG has a unique heritage and culture that informs our behaviour and the positive impact we strive to deliver to all our clients.

The inspirational vision of our founders is the driving force behind our principal pursuit to develop a lasting worldwide African business success story.

Why choose SNG?

We have successfully changed the landscape of the South African accounting and auditing profession to become southern Africa’s fifth largest accounting firm. We recognise that everything we do today shapes our tomorrow as such we are committed to people development, taking time to understand the hopes, concerns, objectives and ultimate goals of each employee. We continue to set new standards of excellence in African business by creating a working culture that is inclusive, collaborative and where our people are equipped to challenge the ordinary and redefine standards of excellence.

  1. Learn through inclusion and cooperation.
  2. Succeed through challenging the ordinary.
  3. Redefine standards of excellence.

Recruitment and Attraction

Everything about us-from the way we are structured to the way we invest in people, is driven by the principle of exceeding expectations. We have a robust talent attraction strategy to ensure a sustainable supply of talent for our current and future demands. Underlying our talent strategy is:

  • A focus on employing a primarily indigenous workforce, with preference given to the recruitment of South African nationals
  • The recruitment of quality trainee accountant candidates who have achieved their certificate in the theory of accounting
  • A significant effort to ensure that preference is given to the recruitment of black South African women