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Our Corporate Social Investment (CSI) approach is aligned with the organisation’s values, policies and strategy.

We strive to be responsive to the needs of our communities in which we work, live and have influence, where we strive to ensure that our ideas, people and resources make a lasting difference. We have taken it upon ourselves to leave a legacy by playing a significant role in shaping the leaders of tomorrow by committing to working with communities, institutions and other like-minded partners to improve access to education for all through:

  1. The SNG bursary which provides financial assistance to academically deserving learners from previously disadvantaged backgrounds;
  2. Tuition support to compensate for inequality in learning delivery within the schooling system;
  3. Career counselling and support to learners to empower them to make informed career decisions;
  4. Mentoring and coaching, to shape and motivate productive behaviour.

Our Focus Areas

At the crux of our efforts, is a focus on education as its key to unlocking the future success of our organisation and country. Hence our initiatives are focused on ensuring that we mitigate the imbalances still prevalent in our education system and thereby remove the barriers to economic emancipation.

Our Approach

We have a long-term approach to CSI. We only get involved in initiatives that leave a lasting impression thereby drive our objective of developing legacy leaders.

Our CSI Guiding Principles

  • Leave a legacy: we identify and support sustainable initiatives which have a tangible, knock-on effect within communities;
  • Leadership led: initiatives that are aligned to maximising individual potential and opportunity;
  • People led: we engage the time and talent of the people of SizweNtsalubaGobodo at all levels;
  • Aligned to corporate strategy: initiatives must be aligned with our core competencies as outlined in the corporate strategy;
  • A central CSI programme: we run a central CSI initiative and roll it out nationally which is supported by smaller initiatives.