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As organisational structures and controls become more complex, coping with the prevention, detection and investigation of financial crime and corruption has never been more challenging or more important.

Increasingly, organisations are looking to forensic specialists to help identify vulnerabilities and to put solid preventative measures in place. Our forensic investigation, forensic auditing and forensic accounting experts provide forensic support to help prevent, detect and investigate various forms of financial improprieties. They bring clarity and confidence to the complex forensic landscape across all sectors of our economy.

The Forensic Investigation Model

Forensic Investigations methodology, follows a step-by-step process which includes two material steps namely, interviewing witnesses and collecting and reviewing documentary evidence. This methodology is complemented by numerous specialist forensic investigation methods and techniques. These two steps however are fundamental to a successful investigation into commercial offences.

The Forensic Investigation Model

Technical Excellence

Our multi-disciplinary, qualified team comprises individuals from law enforcement agencies, in-house public sector and private sector investigation teams such as former banking investigators, former South African Revenue Services investigators, investigators formerly employed in government departments, as well as specialist medical scheme fraud investigators. Comprising a diverse range of experience, skills and knowledge collectively, the team’s collective professional qualifications span investigators, certified fraud examiners (CFE), certified commercial forensics practitioners (ICFP), auditors, chartered accountants, certified internal auditors and academic lecturers.

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