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The Forensics Institute

The centre for knowledge and expertise in the field of forensics

As part of the SizweNtsalubaGobodo Corporate Academy, our Forensics Institute illustrates the firm’s commitment to transforming the forensic services landscape through developing forensic professionals representing diverse demographic backgrounds across the African continent.

As an organisation, we are committed to the transformation of the forensics profession in Africa.
Our mission is to transform, develop and promote the profession by making it widely accessible to professionals, in particular African professionals, in business and government across all sectors.

To this end, our forensics team provides pro-active and re-active forensic services, as well as related training and skills development programmes through The Forensic Institute, an innovation of the firm.

Our Approach

We provide forensics skills development, case study-based training and on-the-job training to forensic professionals in the public sector, law enforcement agencies and regulatory investigators, as well as to the wider private and commercial sectors. Structured courses and programmes are developed based on the specific needs of our clients, leveraging additional expertise through our partnerships with training and academic institutions.

Re-Active Forensics

Forensic Investigation and Forensic Auditing

  • Investigations into all types of fraud, corruption and maladministration
  • Procurement and supply chain forensics
  • Medical schemes forensics
  • Investigations into statutory violations such as infringement of regulatory prescripts such as the Medical Schemes Act, Banks Act, financial services regulations and tax fraud
  • Law enforcement specialists provide support to the South African Police Service, their Special Investigating Unit, as well as to the South African Revenue Services

Forensic Accounting

  • Specialist forensic accounting investigations
  • Accounting litigation support
  • Income and revenue collection, recognition and accounting fraud
  • Investigations into debtors and creditors fraud schemes
  • Fraudulent financial misstatement investigation
  • Net worth analysis investigations, including lifestyle quantification
  • ISA 240 Audit Reviews to identify fraudulent financial misstatement

Computer Forensics and Cybercrime Investigations

  • Forensics data imaging and investigation
  • Data analytics