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Cyber Security Alert

On Tuesday (17 October 2017), South Africans woke up to the shocking news that massive data containing at least 33 million personal information was leaked and has been available on the Internet for at least 2 years. The information leaked included names, full identity numbers, income, employment history and even home addresses of 33 million South Africans.

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The POPI Act: Differentiating Business Through Increased Consumer Confidence

Crimes committed using compromised personal information has left consumers reluctant to give out their data. Without a massive shift in how business is done, organisations that rely on these details will likely lose customers.

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Avoiding the common pitfalls in African expansion

The rate at which local organisations have ventured into Africa has to date remained slower than that of their European and Chinese counterparts. However more and more South African companies are realising the importance of expanding into Africa as part of their growth strategy

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Special Report: Corruption Incident Management in the Public Sector

Effective pre-planning and structured corruption incident response is essential to achieving a satisfactory and comprehensive resolution, says Peter Goss.

The immediate issue that faces the typical public sector chief financial officer or senior manager is what to do when a junior colleague or peer states that he suspects that his supervisor or manager may be colluding with a supplier in exchange for kickbacks, or of being involved in other fraudulent conduct.

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Transitioning to a Corruption-Intolerant Culture...

Peter Goss, Head of Forensicsand Public Sector Leader at SizweNtsalubaGobodo, says that achieving these national priorities will rely on government, private sector, business and civil society presenting a united front in combatting corruption.

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The Bulletin for 2015

Audit committees continues to face crowded agendas and increasing complexity as we look forward into 2015. We have developed an agenda with 10 items for audit committees to consider for the coming year.

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